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1. Can you tell us a little about you? How are you related to WordPress?

I am Khuldoon Hameed, I completed mechanical engineering 2 months ago, started my freelancing and web development career from university days obviously have monetary issues, started in March 2013 after did few admin support work on Enlace I got my client who is running a big business of e-commerce sites on WordPress than started on learning WordPress from product entry to full customization HTML CSS, JavaScript, bit of PHP, Themes modifications, editing, and development.

Now totally attached to WordPress development have enough clients that I can’t able to give proper time for all of them. I usually discuss everything with Ahmad bro, and it helps a lot to nurture more clients and more work with the subjected time which I have during studies. Now doing the job and living with a passion to given back to the community because my life entirely changed in 2 years I want the same for those who are needy and have the knowledge to follow the path of success.

2. Have you contributed to an open source software before or was this your first time? How was the experience?

No, I don’t despite I asked too many questions in past there but it’s my first experience and it was awesome. Thanks a lot to you for giving me that opportunity I was reluctant at first my you know first step is the hardest one, and you did it, man.

3.What motivated you to contribute, why you wanted to do that, how did you decide to spend your weekend contributing for WordPress?

WordPress has helped changed my life, and I want it to change the others life too, so that was the primary motivation.

Guys believe me it surely helps you in future and aid you to stand out of the crowd because you are giving back what you take for the betterment of life of others.


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