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WordPress Workshop Day 2 Overview

  • Date: 29th April, 2014. Lahore, Pakistan.
  • Location: University of Engineering and Technology, LAHORE campus.

Day 2 successfully started on the roll. Participants were rushing in to get a more profound insight on the WordPress PHILOSOPHY.

The workshop conducted today was comparatively directed on a more advance and high functioning level. Mr. Awais apprised the attendees on how to use and make your own domain and carry out the WordPress execution, installation, designing; by explaining to them the step by step procedure. The constructive approach of the C.E.O along with the management team to use simple language code and illustrating exemplars for a better understanding of the scavenger community is appreciable. The students were allowed to direct any question.

The balance of the day consisted of interactive small group and plenary discussions which identified:

  • The major itches related to the meaning subject.
  • Important contextual considerations.
  • Key factors in championing or implementing sustainable WordPress initiatives in near future.

Moving Forward on a Shared Vision

Participants identified a need for ‘top down’ support and ‘bottom up’ implementation of this upheld content management system for prioritizing its future use for marketing, designing, blogging, small and medium business promoting, copyrighting and boundless opportunities that could financially stabilize them or can add on to their experience on greater parts.

Many issue solving tricks and procedures regarding the use of WordPress were addressed; merely to help learners become responsible and assertive communicators, capable of effectively handling index and server problems. Students gained the necessary background information to begin to understand the ways that they learn best.

The session included integration of existing programs and recognition of broader implications of WordPress.

After a 15 minutes break, benign quiz session was conducted to make the participants grab the promotional giveaways. Closing remarks and adjournment was motivational indeed.

This workshop will provide students with practical tips for a successful future. Facilitated by both skillful program coordinators and accessibility consultants, who provided students with the learning strategies they can use throughout their entire career hunt.

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