Join WP-Pakistan

WP-Pakistan started as an initiative to combine the efforts of our local WordPress community as a compact whole. Since then we have grown to become a large community of 2,000+ developers, designers, bloggers, writers, Marketers, etc. There are several ways you can join WP-Pakistan.

WP-Pakistan is on Slack

WP Pakistan Slack team (WP-Pakistan.Slack.c­om) is a new chat group where you can discuss WordPress in different channels like #chat, #help, #meetups, #jobs, #translators, #wpbusiness, #freelancers, etc. To join us and chat about WordPress with other local WordPressers, you need an invite. Click the button below and send yourself an invite, then check your email to join us at Slack.

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To send yourself an invite, click, the button above. After that, check your email to accept the invite and get registered. Make sure to accept the invitation email as soon as you can. Membership

This is something which has crossed our minds one too many times. While there’s no new about when and what we are doing about it, it’s safe to imagine that there will be some sort of WP-Pakistan membership in the near future. You can however, register here and get a profile like this. This is a beta feature at the moment.

WP-Pakistan Group on Facebook

Facebook groups are a great place to hang out and talk about stuff. WP-Pakistan has an active group on Facebook; you can join it by clicking WP-Pakistan Facebook Group or like our WP-Pakistan Facebook Page.